Red Pepper Hummus – Great dip on a Candida diet

This Candida cleanse is tough.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a glass of Reisling, or a Cold Stone ice cream !    Well, we can’t.  I have been told that if you put an unsafe Candida food into your system, the yeast accelerates and you go back to day one.

That is my montra and my motivator to be very strict about my diet.

There are  lot of things that are more important then which foods you can eat.  Focus on the good things happening in your life.  “Choose Your Attitude”.

I have found that restaurants are very accommodating if you tell them you have allergies.  I tell them I have allergies so they don’t think I am just a fussy eater.  I look on the menu to see what dishes contain foods that I can have.  Then I pull those foods into a meal for me.

Be careful ordering chicken breasts.  Be specific that you cannot eat anything that has been injected or marinated.  Many times rotisserie chickens have been injected with marinades.  Some places use “No Name” chicken breasts.  These of course are not safe for you because they have been injected with other ingredients.

Following is a great recipe for sweet red pepper hummus.

This is my  husband’s (Jon) recipe.

1 – 15oz. can of organic chick peas or garbanzo beans – drained

1 –  8 oz. jar roasted red peppers  (check the label, make sure there is no sugar or vinegar in them)  We found ours at Whole Foods.

2 garlic cloves (optional)

2 Tablespoons organic Tahini (which is a nut butter)

Salt to taste

Put all ingredients in food processer or blender.  Drizzle olive oil through the top of food processer until it is the consistency you want.

You can buy the small red and yellow sweet peppers.  I cut these in half and use them to dip in the hummus.  Sometimes I also buy the very small zucchini’s to dip with.  Or, if you are further along with the cleanse, you could use the Sesmark, brown rice crackers.

This dip stores in the frig. for a long time.

Enjoy!  Smile, God loves you !

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One Response to Red Pepper Hummus – Great dip on a Candida diet

  1. Man, you hit the nail on the head, I think! Choosing your attitude is SO important! Figuring out what you want in life and not settling for less. Learning how to focus (positively) on it incessantly. God says, “Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given.” Mental attitude. 🙂

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